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Kashmir Day 5th February 2018 – Kashmir Day HD Wallpapers

Kashmir Day HD Wallpapers (1)
Kashmir Solidarity Day, or Kashmir Day, is a national holiday in Pakistan and also observed by Kashmiri nationalists on 5 February each year. It is in observance of Pakistan’s support and unity with the people of Indian-administered Kashmir, their ongoing freedom struggle, and to pay homage to Kashmiri martyrs who lost their lives fighting for Kashmir’s freedom.

Kashmir Day HD Wallpapers 5th February 2018 Kashmir Solidarity is celebrating in Pakistan and World Wide. Every year to show the solidarity not only in Azad Jammu and Kashmir but also it is celebrating in Pakistan and all over the world. Kashmir conflict has been a bone of contention between Pakistan and India since 1947.

This day was proposed by Qazi Hussain Ahmad of Jammaat-e-Islam Party. This Day has been under estimated since 1990 on the call of Nawaz Sharif who was the opposition leader and chief Minister of Pakistan at that time. Now, at this time he also the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Any how here we are provided some Kashmir Day pictures and Kashmir Solidarity day celebration information.

Solidarity rallies are held inAzad Kashmir, Pakistan and by Kashmiri diaspora in United Kingdom. The day often marks unrest in Indian controlled Kashmir.

The major protests and incidents include 2010 Kashmir unrest, Doodhipora killing, 2006, 2009 Shopian rape and murder case and the Bomai Incident. Kashmir Day was first proposed by Qazi Hussain Ahmad of the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Pakistan in 1990.

wallpapers and images online to your friends to support movement of independence. Pakistani Govt also celebrate Kashmir Day 5th February each year. Govt organize essay, debate competition in schools on 5th February on Kashmir Day. Youm E Yakjehti Kashmir Day HD Wallpapers 5th February 2018.

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