Thursday , 24 August 2017

Man arrested for claiming prophethood from Vehari

Man arrested for claiming prophethood
Vehari (Web Desk): A man from Mailsi allegedly claiming Prophethood has been arrested on charges of blasphemy.

Police in Vehari district of Punjab province of Pakistan, allegedly claiming prophethood blasphemy case against a man and sent him to jail.

The suspect is accused Ghulam Akbar addition to his claim of prophethood say a few words, which come in the category of blasphemy.

Two hundred ninety-five of the Pakistan Penal Code against the accused often has been the case for which the punishment is death.

Mailsi city police station SHO Zubair Ahmed told the BBC by telephone that the accused has a gathering things that insult Islam and insult their religion fall into the category of what the audio recording is will be presented in court as evidence.

Melis, according to local journalist Abdul Razzaq, who was accused publicly of such things were against Islam. These audio and video recordings of local people and a committee of local clerics ruled that a case be brought against him of blasphemy.

SHO Imran said that at the request of a citizen against the accused has been booked. Distortion is accused in the FIR, the call charges in addition to distorting the revelation, prophecy and Baitullah talking about questionable charges have been.

Two hundred ninety-five per Section C of Pakistan Penal Code Pakistan blasphemy is punishable by death, but some human rights groups opposed the law and the law’s critics say it may be misused.

Man arrested for claiming prophethood from Vehari

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