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PTV Sports New Biss Key, Frequency Code 30th January 2018 (PAK vs INDIA)

PTV Sports New Biss Key PAK vs INDIA
PTV Sports New Biss Key and Frequency Code 30 January 2018. PTV Sports Update Biss Key & Frequency Code 30 January 2018. Update PTV Sports Biss Key & Frequency Code 30 January 2018.

Latest PTV Sports All BissKey & Frequency Code 2018 Update this site Pakistan Television Sports Channel live Tele Cast World Cup Match 2018 Ptv channel has issued the announced updated the latestBiss key of live cricket matches live streaming on 30th January 2018 at 03:00 am to increase the frequency live streaming online.

PTV Sports New Biss Key 30 Jan 2018 Latest Frequency Code watch Online PTV Sports Biss Key Updated today 30 January 2018. latest ptv sports updated frequency code live streaming watch online ptv sports biss key k feed code live cricket match worldcup 2018 live icc cricket match streaming embed streaming iframe frequency code. watch today ptv sports live updated biss key code frequency online Latest PTV Sports Biss Key 2018 January 30. today live Frequency Code 30 January 2018 Ptv sports biss key 30 January 2018 k feed ptv biss key 2018 ptv channel latest 30th January 2018 latest biss key.

Get the PTV Sports Latest and new Biss Key and Frequency code 2018. Check the latest Biss key code January 2018. Here the PAK vs IND series starts and the fans from UAE and Saudi Arabia are searching for the Latest biss key code 2018. Here you get the live and latest update of Pakistan vs India 2018 PTV Sports New Biss Key Code.

Online PTV SPORTS NEW BISS KEY 30 January 2018. today New Biss Key 30th January 2018. Ptv Latest Key 30 Jan 2018. PTV Sports Latest BISS Code / Key 2018, TV Sports Live New Biss Key Frequency Code 30 Jan 2018, PTV Sports New Biss Key & Frequency Code 30 January 2018.

If the below key has been changed and we haven’t updated it yet and you know the latest key, please share that key by commenting on this post. Thank you.

PTV Sports New Biss Key Frequency Code 2018

PTV Sports and other channels of PTV network have been moved to new satellite Paksat 38° East. You can use the following details to watch PTV Sports on Paksat 38° East

If you can’t set the direction of your dish towards Paksat, below image will help you. Use the frequency details provided below and direct your dish towards Paksat to receive PTV Sports signals.

Pakistan U19 vs India U19 2nd Semi Final: Watch IND vs PAK LIVE Cricket Match

Frequency Details
Satellite: Paksat 38° East
New Frequency: 04004
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 30545

PTV Sports New Biss Key:

Encrypted keys on Ptv Sports

PTV SPORTS FEED CHANNEL New Updates 30.01.2018
Ptv Sports feed On Ku Band Lnb PAKSAT.1R(38.0E)
TP: 113020  H  2000  SID:0001 HD Dish Size 4 feet
Dcw  Feed : FF  FF FF CC FF FF FF AA

Working Ptv Feed Pakistan vs India, 2nd Semi Final Biss key January 30, 2018

PTV K LATE [email protected] 38.0°E
TP:4055 V 7000 MPEG.2 Biss SID.0001
Biss: 07 830 3030 F3 22 91 10 C3
Updates  Jan 30, 2018
100% Working  Cricket 
Tv Feed Home ANT On Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0E
Channel Name ptv sports Feed
(Frequency:4055  Symbol Rate  7000
Biss:51 32 30 CC 9A DD EC  330

Ptv Sports Biss Key Today : F7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB

Biss Key  China Receiver : F7 E9 A7 AA 19 57 CD AA

Biss Key Other Receiver  :   F7 E9 A7 CC 19 57 CD  CC

Ptv Sports Conax key 2018

EF 30 78 30C BD A0 34 305 
AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA

We overhaul Key consistently. Continue going by US


PTV K FEED and PTV HOME BIS KEY January 2018

FREQ:4OO4V 30555 FEC 3/4

PAKSAT 1R @ 38.0 East

Administration ID : 4004

biss key no.1 : 5302 30CC 9ADD ECCC

PTV K LAT Biss Key :07830 3030F3 2291 10C3

biss key no. 2 :5302 30AA 9ADD ECAA

bis Key for China Receiver : 51 32 30930 9A DD EC303

Biss Key no. 3 : 5302 3000 9ADD EC00

Channel : (CC ID )  Ptv Sports 

Timing : durining match
PakSat-1R @38E KU Band
TP: 123074 V 1448
SID: 0001
Update : 5/01/2018
Biss Key: A1 23 B4 78 530 C7 89 A30

(Updated Jan 29, 2018. 09:20 PM Pakistan Standard Time)
Keys are updated regularly. Keep visiting SIALTV

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