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SBP List of Banks E-Branches for Fresh Notes 2018

Sate Bank of Pakistan has issued the list of bank E-Branches for Fresh Currency Notes. SBP launched SMS Service to get New Currency Notes on this Eid. The 8877 SMS Service will be available from June 1, 2018 to June 14, 2018.

As part of steps taken to provide citizens with new currency notes, especially with Eid holidays, this facility will be provided through 500 E-branches in 116 cities during Ramazan.

According to information, the aspirants of fresh currency notes need to type CNIC numbere-branch ID and send it as an SMS to 8877. Charges of sending an SMS to 8877 are Rs. 2 (plus tax).
New Currency Notes on Eid ul Fitr 2018
In reply to SMS, the customer will get their redemption code, e-branch address and redemption code validity date. The redemption code will be valid for two working days.

Once the aspirants receive the code, they can visit the concerned E-branch along with their original CNIC card, its photocopy and the redemption code received from 8877 to acquire new notes.

Write Your City and bank Name. We Will Give You Branch Ids / Codes.

Official link of State bank of Pakistan (SBP) for Fesh Currency Notes on Eid 2018. These notes will be available in firts two week of the month of June 2018.

It may be noted that in order to avoid an abuse of the system, SBP has allotted a quota of new notes which will be granted to each person. This quota consists of two packets of Rs. 10, one packet of Rs.20, one packet of Rs. 50 (subject to availability) and one package of Rs. 100 (subject to availability).

The SMS service will be functional from June 1st that is 16th Ramadan-ul-Mubarak.

How to get a new Currency Note:

  • In order to get new currency notes, write CNICCode Number of your desired bank branch and send it to 8877
  • After sending the message, the user will receive an SMS containing the transaction number and Bank branch address.
  • The new currency notes will be issued on providing the received transaction number and original CNIC from the respective Bank branch.

With the help of this SMS service, the customer will be able to get bundles of Rs. 10, Rs. 50 and Rs.100 currency notes, depending upon the availability of the stock.

It is important to mention here that this SMS service is been commenced on an experimental basis and will be initially available in 28 cities and 150 Bank branches of Pakistan. However, SBP may extend it to other cities as well soon.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Sending an SMS to 8877 will cost Rs.2 + tax.
  2. New currency notes can be availed only once against a single CNIC number.
  3. Transaction code will not be issued on the same mobile number hence, the customers will be required to use another number for a different CNIC.
  4. The transaction code will be valid for a maximum of two working days.
  5. You can get the Branch code of Bank branches by going to this link.
  6. Call at SBP helpline at 021-3245-5470 and 021-3245-5125 for any complaint.

A help desk has also been established at 111-008-877 to entertain queries/complaints of general public. The help desk can be contacted through NWD code of: 042 for Punjab, 021 for Sindh and Balochistan, 051 for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The help desk facility will only be available during office hours.

SBP List of Bank Branches Click Here

It is expected that the start of SMS service will facilitate public in acquiring new currency notes for Eid-ul-Fitr in a timely and hassle-free manner.

Name of the Bank Address City Branch ID
State Bank of Pakistan (BSC) SBP BSC, The Mall Lahore LHR001
Allied Bank Ltd. Liaquat Chowk, Sabzazar Lahore LHR002
Al Baraka Bank Ltd. Cavalry Ground Lahore LHR003
Bank Al-Falah Ltd. Ravi Road Lahore LHR004
Bank Al-Falah (Islamic) Ltd. Gulshan Ravi Branch Lahore LHR005
Bank Islami Ltd. Misrishah Branch Lahore LHR006
Bank Of Punjab ShadBagh Branch Lahore LHR007
Al Baraka Bank Ltd. Shalam Alam Market Main Road Lahore LHR008
Dubai Islamic Bank Ltd. Gulberg Lahore LHR009
Faysal Bank Ltd. 310-Upper Mall Lahore LHR010
Bank Al-Falah (Islamic) Ltd. DHA PHASE-II Lahore LHR011
Habib Bank Ltd. Circular Road Lahore LHR012
Habib Bank Ltd. Chuburji Branch Lahore LHR013
Allied Bank Ltd. Haider Road, Township Lahore LHR014
Al Baraka Bank Ltd. Faisal Town Lahore LHR015
Al Baraka Bank Ltd. Railway Road, Raiwind Lahore LHR016
Allied Bank Ltd. 30-Napier Road Lahore LHR017
Silk Bank Ltd. Bata Pur Lahore Lines Lahore LHR018
Soneri Bank Ltd. Main Bolevard Road, DHA Lahore LHR019
Summit Bank Ltd. Circular Road Lahore LHR020
Allied Bank Ltd. Main GT Road, Shahdhra Lahore LHR021
Al Baraka Bank Ltd. Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt. Lahore LHR022
Allied Bank Ltd. Khyaban e Jinnah Road Lahore LHR023
MCB Bank Ltd. Township Branch Lahore LHR024
United Bank Ltd. Main Shadman Lahore LHR025
Askari Bank Ltd. Gulberg Branch Main Boulevard Lahore LHR026
Allied Bank Ltd. Peco Road, Badami Bagh Lahore LHR027
Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Edgerton Road Branch Lahore LHR028
Askari Bank Ltd. Shahdra Lahore LHR029
National Bank Of Pakistan Allama Iqbal Road, Garhi Shahu Lahore LHR030
Allied Bank Ltd. Lower Mall, Near MAO Lahore LHR031
Summit Bank Ltd. Allama Iqbal Town Lahore LHR032
Faysal Bank Ltd. Thokhar Niaz Baig Lahore LHR033
Askari Bank Ltd. Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Tijarat Branch Lahore LHR034
MCB Bank Ltd. Phase III, DHA Lahore LHR035
Silk Bank Ltd. Usman Block, New Garden Town Lahore LHR036
Askari Bank Ltd. DHA-I – Y Block Lahore LHR037
Soneri Bank Ltd. Model Town Lahore LHR038
Bank Al-Falah (Islamic) Ltd. Main Multan Road Lahore LHR039
MCB Bank Ltd. 64 Circular Road Lahore LHR040
United Bank Ltd. Gulberg-II Lahore LHR041
Bank Of Punjab Shadara Lahore LHR042
Silk Bank Ltd. Thoker Niaz Baig Lahore LHR043
Askari Bank Ltd. The Mall Road Lahore LHR044
Allied Bank Ltd. Chowk Qartaba, Mozang Chungi Lahore LHR045
Punjab Provincial Coop Bank Shahdara Branch, G.T Road Lahore LHR046
Askari Bank Ltd. Tufail Road Branch Lahore LHR047
Askari Bank Ltd. Faisal Town Lahore LHR048
Silk Bank Ltd. Fotress Stadium, Lahore Cantt. Lahore LHR049
Askari Bank Ltd. Circular Road Lahore LHR050
Askari Bank Ltd. New Garden Town Lahore LHR051
Bank Al Habib Ltd. Ravi Road Lahore LHR052
Bank Al Habib Ltd. Raiwind Road, Thokar Niaz Beg Lahore LHR053
Bank Islami Ltd. Abbot Road Branch Lahore LHR054
Bank Islami Ltd. Johar Town Branch Lahore LHR055
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Ali Block New Garden Town Lahore LHR056
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt. Lahore LHR057
Bank Al Habib Ltd. New Garden Town Lahore LHR058
Bank Al Habib Ltd. Garhi Shahu Lahore LHR059
Bank Al Habib Ltd. 87-Shahrah-e-Quaid e Azam Lahore LHR060
Bank Al Habib Ltd. Shahjahan Road Lahore LHR061
Bank Of Punjab Ravi Road Lahore LHR062
Bank Of Punjab Allama Iqbal Town Lahore LHR063
Bank Of Punjab Main Bedian Road Lahore LHR064
MCB Islamic Bank Ltd. PIA Housing Society Wapda Town Branch Lahore LHR065
MCB Bank Ltd. Nila Gumbad, Bank Square Lahore LHR066
MCB Bank Ltd. Main Boulevard Defence Lahore LHR067
MCB Bank Ltd. Wahdat Road Branch Lahore LHR068
Bank Al-Falah Ltd. Allama Iqbal Town Lahore LHR069
Bank Al-Falah Ltd. Shadman Branch Lahore LHR070
Bank Al-Falah Ltd. G.T. Road, Baghbanpura Lahore LHR071
Bank Islami Ltd. 153-Y Block D.H.A Lahore LHR072
JS Bank Ltd. M.M Alam Road Lahore LHR073
JS Bank Ltd. The Mall, Lahore Lahore LHR074
Al Baraka Bank Ltd. Block-Z, DHA Lahore LHR075
Bank Islami Ltd. Mughalpura Branch Lahore LHR076
Samba Bank Ltd. Block DHA Phase III Lahore LHR077
Samba Bank Ltd. Faisal Town Lahore LHR078
Bank of Khyber New Garden Town Branch Lahore LHR079
Askari Bank Ltd. Township Market Lahore LHR080
Askari Bank Ltd. Shah Bagh Misri Shah Lahore LHR081
Askari Bank Ltd. Ichra Wahdat Road Lahore LHR082
United Bank Ltd. Walton Road Lahore LHR083
Bank of Khyber Ravi road Branch Lahore LHR084
United Bank Ltd. Abid Market Branch Lahore LHR085
Summit Bank Ltd. Liberty Market Gulberg Lahore LHR086
Summit Bank Ltd. Near Shalimar Garden Lahore LHR087
Summit Bank Ltd. Empress Road Lahore LHR088
Soneri Bank Ltd. Main Shiekhupura Road, Shahdara Lahore LHR089
Soneri Bank Ltd. Shalimar Link Road Lahore LHR090
Soneri Bank Ltd. Islampura (Krishan Nagar) Lahore LHR091
Bank Of Punjab Bank Square Mall View Plaza Lahore LHR092
Faysal Bank Ltd. Babar Center Circular Road Lahore LHR093
Bank Al-Falah Ltd. Johar Town Lahore LHR094
Bank Of Punjab Wahdat Road, Old Muslim Town Lahore LHR095
Bank Of Punjab BACHS Bedian Road Lahore LHR096
Bank Of Punjab Model Town Lahore LHR097
First Women Bank Ltd. Main Boulevard Gulbeg III Lahore LHR098
Bank Al-Falah (Islamic) Ltd. Dubai Chowk Zarrar Shaheed Road Lahore LHR099
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Brandreth Road Lahore LHR100
Bank Al-Falah Ltd. Tufail Road Lahore LHR101
Bank Of Punjab New Muslim Town Branch Lahore LHR102
Dubai Islamic Bank Ltd. Z Block Phase III DHA Lahore LHR103
Dubai Islamic Bank Ltd. Peco Road, Town Ship Lahore LHR104
Dubai Islamic Bank Ltd. Gulshan e Ravi Branch Lahore LHR105
Faysal Bank Ltd. KHANU Nau Ferozepur Road Lahore LHR106
Faysal Bank Ltd. Mughalpura Lahore LHR107
Faysal Bank Ltd. Faysal Town Branch Lahore LHR108
Faysal Bank Ltd. Cavalary Ground Branch Lahore LHR109
First Women Bank Ltd. Commercial Area, Phase I DHA Lahore LHR110
Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Main Boulevard Gulberg III Lahore LHR111
Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Circular Road Lahore LHR112
Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Z Block DHA Phase III Lahore LHR113
Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Ferozepur Road Lahore LHR114
Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Johar Town Lahore LHR115
Habib Bank Ltd. Model Town Branch Lahore LHR116
Habib Bank Ltd. Johar Town Branch Lahore LHR117
Habib Bank Ltd. Canttonment Branch Lahore LHR118
JS Bank Ltd. Circular Road Lahore LHR119
JS Bank Ltd. Shalimar Garden Bagbanpura Lahore LHR120
MCB Bank Ltd. Railway Road Narang Mandi Lahore LHR121
MCB Bank Ltd. Shah Alam Gate Branch Lahore LHR122
MCB Bank Ltd. Shadman Market Branch Lahore LHR123
MCB Bank Ltd. Fortress Stadium Branch Lahore LHR124
MCB Islamic Bank Ltd. Allama Iqbal Town Lahore LHR125
MCB Islamic Bank Ltd. Gulberg II, Lahore LHR126
MCB Islamic Bank Ltd. Z Block D.H.A Lahore LHR127
MCB Islamic Bank Ltd. Johar Town Expo Centre Lahore LHR128
Meezan Bank Ltd. Gulberg Main Branch Lahore LHR129
Meezan Bank Ltd. Shalimar Garden Branch Lahore LHR130
Meezan Bank Ltd. Shahkam Chowk Branch Lahore LHR131
Meezan Bank Ltd. Link Road, Model Town Lahore LHR132
Meezan Bank Ltd. Gulshan -E-Ravi Branch Lahore LHR133
Meezan Bank Ltd. Gari Shahu Branch Lahore LHR134
Meezan Bank Ltd. Thokar Niaz Baig Branch Lahore LHR135
Meezan Bank Ltd. Wahdat Road Branch Lahore LHR136
Meezan Bank Ltd. Islampura Branch Lahore LHR137
Meezan Bank Ltd. Sheikhupura Branch Lahore LHR138
Meezan Bank Ltd. Akbar Chowk Branch Lahore LHR139
National Bank Of Pakistan Jiya Musa, Shahdara Lahore LHR140
National Bank Of Pakistan Model Branch Gulberg-II Lahore LHR141
National Bank Of Pakistan Allama Iqbal Town Lahore LHR142
National Bank Of Pakistan IB DHA Z Block Branch Lahore LHR143
Silk Bank Ltd. Johar Town Lahore LHR144
Silk Bank Ltd. Peco Road Lahore LHR145
Silk Bank Ltd. Allama Iqbal Town Lahore LHR146
Silk Bank Ltd. Cavalry Ground Lahore LHR147
Sindh Bank Ltd. Commercial Area, Bahria Town Lahore LHR148
Sindh Bank Ltd. Garhi Shahu Lahore LHR149
Sindh Bank Ltd. Lal Pul, Mughal Pura Lahore LHR150
Sindh Bank Ltd. 159-Y, DHA Lahore LHR151
Sindh Bank Ltd. Masood Hospital, Faisal Town Lahore LHR152
Soneri Bank Ltd. GT Road, Muridke Branch Lahore LHR153
Soneri Bank Ltd. Peco Road, Lahore Lahore LHR154
Soneri Bank Ltd. Montgomery Road Branch Lahore LHR155
Soneri Bank Ltd. Wapda Town Branch Lahore LHR156
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. The Mall Road Lahore LHR157
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Kashmir Edgerton Road Lahore LHR158
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Johar Town Lahore LHR159
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Phase III,DHA Lahore LHR160
Summit Bank Ltd. Z Block, DHA Phase  III Lahore LHR161
Summit Bank Ltd. Ground Floor, Mall Road Lahore LHR162
Summit Bank Ltd. Peco Road, Badami Bagh Lahore LHR163
United Bank Ltd. Shahbaz Khan Road Lahore LHR164
United Bank Ltd. Nelagumbad Branch Lahore LHR165
United Bank Ltd. Ravi Road Branch Lahore LHR166
United Bank Ltd. Gunjmughalpura Branch Lahore LHR167
United Bank Ltd. Johar Town Lahore LHR168
United Bank Ltd. Allama Iqbal Town Lahore LHR169
Bank Islami Ltd. 12-C Wahdat Road Lahore LHR170

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