Thursday , 24 August 2017

World Teachers Day being celebrated around the world

World Teachers Day 2016
World Teachers Day being celebrated all around the world including Pakistan. The Day celebrated on 5th October Every Year.

World Teachers Day, held annually on October 5 since 1994, commemorates teacher organizations worldwide. Its aim is to mobilize support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.

This year World Teachers Day marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.

It aims to mobilize support for teachers and ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif in his message on World Teachers’ Day said that a teacher was a spiritual father as he educated the nation. He said that teachers were builders of a nation and imparting of education was not merely a profession but a form of worship and a national responsibility.

The CM said that teachers apprised students of the purpose of their life and the way to live honourably. He said that teachers gave direction to the thinking of students and played the most important role in the life of a child after his parents.

According to UNESCO, World Teachers Day represents a significant token of the awareness, understanding, and appreciation displayed for the vital contribution that teachers make to education and development.

This year’s theme is “Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status”.

Various events are arranged in many countries around the world on October 5. These include celebrations to honor teachers in general or those who have made a special contribution to a particular community.

The day is marked by conferences emphasizing the importance of teachers and learning, extra training sessions for teachers, recruitment drives for the teaching profession among university students or other suitably qualified professionals and events to increase the profile of teachers and the role they play in the media.

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