5 Worst retentions in IPL history

Retention is one of the most important aspects of any player / draft sporting event. Essentially, it’s a mechanism that ensures teams comply with their tent contractors regardless of financial or impractical constraints.

Of course, in its 13 year history, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some very interesting cases of players incarnating into their roles with their hosts. Like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have unanimously become the faces of their respective teams – not only because of their presence on the pitch, but also because of their long term relationship with the franchise made possible by the retention system.

But even the tying of tough international actors like Rashid Khan, Kieron Pollard and Kagiso Rabada, who were rebuilt with the RTM system, has had a huge impact in demonstrating how important the concept of retention is.

But not every incarceration is such a success story. Over the years there have been many players who, for the most part, failed to keep the promises they loved.

Here we analyze five players who turned out to be the worst choices for their respective IPL franchises.

1) Sarfaraz Khan, Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2018

Sarfaraz Khan

The 19 year old right-hitter from Mumbai started his promising IPL career when he made his RCB debut in 2015. In his first season, Sarfaraz played several comfortable cameos up front and made a niche for himself as an Indian finisher. a rare item for IPL.

In the 8th and 9th seasons of the IPL, Sarfaraz amassed 177 titles from 17 matches with a phenomenal hit of 173.52. His ability to play a variety of unusual cricket strokes identified him as a hot prospect for the team’s future in India.

However, there are clear problems with Sarfaraz’s fitness. Despite praising his young team-mates, Captain Virat Koli said the words to describe Sarfaraz as being overweight. Additionally, his propensity for frequent injuries – including the pulling of his leg muscles which kept him out of the entire 2017 IPL season – is not helping his struggles.

Despite these mixed records, RCB management relied on his young weapons and named Sarfaraz a key player ahead of the 2018 big auction. He was jailed for a large sum of 1.75 INR. Unfortunately he cannot justify this reputation and is very poorly represented; Marks only 51 tracks out of 7 tracks.

Unsurprisingly, Sarfaraz was released and featured by Kings XI Punjab the following season. Interestingly, in Punjab, Sarfaraz was joined by KL Rahul and Chris Gayle – two other former RCB players who were likely to be jailed before the IPL 11 mega auction.

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